Plant identification guide to Peramagroon Mountain

Darwin team photographing plants in the field

Darwin team photographing plants in the field

This guide contains information on 578 vascular plants known from Peramagroon Mountain. It is intended as a simple but accurate way of identifying the plants found there. Gramineae are not

included in this version but will be included in an updated version.

There are up to 811 species known from Peramagroon Mountain (not including Gramineae). If you are looking at plants in the field you may find examples of species which are not covered in this guide. If you do find something new please help us add it in. To do this photograph it in detail and send us the information (  Look at the images that are included in the guide for related species to help you decide what pictures are needed.

This version of the guide does not recognise infra specific taxa (varieties and subspecies). It includes 5 species new to science found on recent fieldwork and awaiting formal naming.

How to use the identification guide

Peramagroon ID guide

Peramagroon ID guide







Top Tips

    • This is best used on a portrait orientated tablet. It also works on a desktop or laptop.
    • It will work best on Chrome and Safari.
    • The first time you use it be patient! It takes a while to load up.
    • However, once you have opened this up on a tablet the data is cached and the guide will work offline. It can therefore be used in the field with no internet connection.

Getting started

The home screen of the guide has 5 main features

  1. Image strips
  2. Navigation bar
  3. Characters
  4. Progress indicator
  5. Links


Plant ID guide main features

Download a instruction guide for the identification guide here